Sports Motivational Drinking Water Bottle With Time Marker 32 Oz BPA Free


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Sports Motivational Drinking Water Bottle With Time Marker 32 Oz BPA Free

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Sports Motivational Drinking Water Bottle With Time Marker 32 Oz BPA Free.

Premium Quality: The reusable water bottle is made up of sturdy layers of plastic that are safe to use. It doesn't add any toxic chemicals to your drink. It has a dark-colored strong lid that is easy to lift. It gets closed with the sound of clicking. And it gets fixed by a fixation button, which you can press if you want to open it again.


Leakproof bottle: The major plus point of this sports water bottle is that it is leakproof, the multiple layers of its building material protect it from any leakage. It is designed to confine any liquid drink in itself without allowing any leakage from its main body as well as from sealing points between lid and body. It doesn't break easily, it is sturdy and durable to bear several blows yet provides you the best Leak-proof characteristic.


Reusable and Portable: The sports water bottle is reusable unlike disposable water bottles, you won't have to buy a new water bottle, every time you wanna hit the gym. This is your fitness partner, you can carry it around anywhere at your workplace, your college, your gym, and where not. The reusability and portability make it extremely helpful for a fitness freak and a normal person who wants to stay hydrated throughout the day.


Motivates to stay hydrated: Our water bottle has marks on it with motivational phrases that motivate a person to drink more water to stay hydrated. It has phrases written according to the water level in the bottle and how much a person has consumed already. These quotes will help and encourage you to drink plenty of water and it reminds you to make your healthcare your property as well.


An ideal gift: If you are looking to gift something to your friend or family who is highly concerned about his fitness, hits the gym regularly and drinks a good amount of water, or wants to do so. Then you shall gift him our infuser water bottle thatreusable water bottle, water bottle with time marker, 32 oz water bottles, running water bottle, sports water bottle, infuser water bottle, water bottles, water bottle with time marke, gallon water bottle     has marks on it to remind the user about the water he shall consume at a particular time of the day.


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